No Pussy for You, Cuck. You’re an Ass Eater Tonight.

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“Don’t you dare lick my pussy, cucky boy,” your mistress declares as you lick her asshole. “You don’t deserve to taste my pussy. You only deserve my asshole.”

She’s dressed in that corset and stockings because her boyfriend is going to fuck her tonight. You paid for the beautiful hotel room so she could have a wondrous night of pleasure. If she decides to reward you with a taste of her pussy, consider yourself lucky.

“That’s it, cucky boy. Get your tongue in my asshole. Taste me. Taste my nasty asshole like a good boy.”

Your little cock throbs as she berates you. Nothing is more arousing than a round of vigorous verbal play from your mistress.

“He’ll be here in 20 minutes and you’re going to worship my ass every until he walks through that door, cucky boy. You’re going to lick and suck on my perfect little asshole.”

You know she’s right. You know you’re going to do as you’re told all night long. If she wants you to lick her asshole while she’s getting fucked, you’ll do it. If she wants you to expand your sexuality and suck her bull’s cock, you’ll do it.

“Would you like to see him take my ass, cucky boy? Would you like to see a real man fuck my asshole with his big cock? Would you like to clean his cum out of my asshole after he’s done fucking me?”

You know the answer is yes to all her questions. You’ve never fucked her ass and you never will. You don’t deserve it. He does, though. He deserves it because he’s capable of making her cum when he fucks her. He deserve it because she wants to give it to him.

“That’s it, you little ass eating slut. You’re a naughty slut for me, aren’t you? You’re a nasty, naughty little ass eating cucky boy, aren’t you?”

You know not to answer. You know the questions are rhetorical. You know your job is to keep eating her perfect ass.

“I’ve decided I want you to suck his cock tonight, cuckold,” she says.

You whimper as your tongue pushes into her asshole.

“I don’t care what you want. You know that doesn’t matter. You know that what I want is all that matters. I want you to answer the door when he gets here and I want you to offer to suck his cock while he’s standing in the hallway. I want anyone walking by to hear you offer your mouth to a superior male. Do you understand, slut?”

You understand. You know you’re going to do exactly what she wants. You’re her submissive cucky boy and you’ll suck cock if that’s what she craves.

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