CHH: Flirt Openly While Your Cuckold Watches

If you’re a femdom supporter, chances are good you’ve read stories from The Cuckold Humiliation Handbook, which I’ve published on my Patreon. I thought it would be fun to revisit all those deliciously naughty humiliation ideas for a series of posts here on Beccas Bitches. This time they’ll come with naughty images and gifs to help illustrate how much fun it can be to either humiliate a cuckold or be on the receiving end of the humiliation.

The idea of flirting with another man while your cuckold watches might not seem all that humiliating. Some people do a little flirting on a near-daily basis, whether it’s with a colleague, a stranger at the grocery store, or a cute guy walking down the street.

There’s a bit of an art to doing it in a way that’s at least a little bit humiliating to your cuckold and I’m going to do my best to teach you that art.

First, make sure you’re wearing your rings. It’s better if you have a noticeable diamond, of course, but it’s not necessary. The idea is to make sure that everyone knows you’re married to the man you’re with, which is why you should also make an effort to be a little bit affectionate with your cuckold. You don’t have to go crazy, but walking in holding his hand or arm-in-arm can be a good way to show people that you’re together. That way, when you start flirting, the man you’re flirting with knows that you’re married and should get the impression that you’re nowhere near as satisfied with your husband as you’d like to be.

Now, let’s talk about dressing up a little for flirting:

That outfit is going to get someone to flirt with you a lot faster than a baggy sweater. In fact, that outfit is going to make it obvious that you’re out looking for at least a little bit of attention (which is true in this case).

The same goes for this lovely outfit. Yes, men are fairly simple creatures and if you put a ton of cleavage on display you’re going to have guys flirting with you. That’s how it works. Don’t be afraid to attract a little bit of attention.

If you prefer not to have your cleavage on display and you’re going somewhere more casual, then how about a pair of these:

You get the point. Wear something that looks good. Wear something you feel confident in. Wear something that’s going to draw a bit of attention.

When you draw that attention, have a little fun with it. Let’s play out an ideal scenario:

You’re at a bar in a low cut top and a tight pair of pants with four inch heels. You feel spectacularly sexy and you’ve walked in arm-in-arm with your cuckold. You take a seat at a high top table and you let your eyes wander. You see a handful of guys staring at you. You flash a bright smile at the one that you’re most attracted to.

He comes over. He knows you’re with someone but he sees that your husband isn’t all that impressive and he wants to have a little fun.

“I’m sorry, but I just have to say that you’re the most beautiful woman in here,” he says. “You put all these other women to shame.”

You smile and brush your hair back. You lean forward a little. His eyes glance at your cleavage.

“That’s so sweet of you to say,” you say. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

He smiles at her, looks at you, and says, “You want to dance?”

You join him on the dance floor. Flirting doesn’t have to be verbal, after all. You move to the music. You let his hands move over your body. You let the arousal course through you as he pulls you close and you feel that bulge between his legs.

“Are you sure your husband’s okay with this?” he asks.

You turn and look at your cuckold. You smile and wave at him. He waves back.

“I’m sure,” you say. “He’s harmless. He likes it when I have a little fun.”

The guy smiles. “You really are gorgeous,” he says.

He spins you around and his hands move over your stomach and come to rest just under your breasts. You lean into his body and turn your head.

He kisses you. Your cuckold is watching. Even better, everyone else in the bar is watching too. They all saw you come in with your husband. Now they see that you’re kissing someone else. They see that your husband is sitting there watching and he’s feeling a little bit of that humiliation.

At this point you’re just beyond flirting, of course. Now it’s your decision. You can take this man home. You can keep dancing. You can take him to the bathroom and fuck him.

I would recommend that you thank him and then return to your cuckold. Let everyone watch you sit with your husband. Let people hear you tell him how much fun you had dancing with someone else. Let people hear you ask if he enjoyed watching you dance and flirt with someone else.

If you want to be nice, take your cuckold out to the car and have him go down on you to satiate the desire that has no doubt grown between your legs. You could also take that man you were dancing with out to the car if you’re so inclined 🙂